Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Linux OS for your iPod

The iPod is an invigorating consumer electronics device that many users have found refreshing in the face of stale, proprietary systems of yesteryear. There is one issue with the iPod, however, and that is its lack of open source software. Taking a cue from Microsoft, Apple hastily enacted a closed environment around its iPod lineup, namely, using a slightly tweaked version of its OS X software to run their mp3 players. That being said, hackers (a term once synonymous with "the dark side") have introduced the iPod to a truly polarizing force: open source software. In particular, one very well executed operating system that matches the iPods prowess has been Linux. Yes, Linux is like your 95 year-old aunt, she just won't die, but the once proposed slayer of tech giant Microsoft has injected new life into its veins by incorporating itself into the iPod. The open source iPod Linux project has the potential to free tens of millions of iPods and usher in a new era of user compatibility with musical choice. Other choices exist, but if you are serious about "unlocking" your iPod I encourage you to try your hand at Linux.

Disclaimer: Attempt this at your own risk. Author is in no way liable for any damages incurred to user, user's iPod, computer, etc.

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