Sunday, November 18, 2007

Striking Internet Gold

One of the driving forces behind the success of internet search companies such as Google and Baidu has been their innovative auction systems and the explosive rise in use of the internet. But what few realize is that a new medium in technology, communications and the internet is taking shape. This relatively untapped market promises to be a bonanza for those who intend to capitalize on its potential. I am eluding to mobile search and Google intends to benefit every step of the way.

American cell phone usage has lagged behind that of the European and Japanese partly due to delayed development and coverage of the third generation mobile phone network (3G) and slow adoption of a mobile phone as an internet device. But with the introduction of the iPhone and increasing popularity of BlackBerries (in the consumer and business markets) many mobile users stateside are ready to do double duty with their phone. Enter Google.

Just as Google revolutionized the way we search on our computers, so too will Google revolutionize the way we conduct mobile search. On Monday, November the 5th, Google introduced Android an open source mobile phone platform. Google has since joined the "Open Handset Alliance" designed to do exactly that: develop open source software for mobile devices. Ignore the pandominoum created by the open source phrase and just think of the profits Google will reap from stamping their name on every phone created under this alliance or the search conducted on hundreds of millions ( and eventually billions) of these phones that is powered by Google.

The CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt, said that "Getting people access to info is Google'score mission and mobile phones have to be part of that." Then let the mobile internet search rush begin.